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Passive diversification for the new token economy

Unlock a passive, diversified crypto portfolio with EntryPoint’s secure, governance-driven Index Vaults.

Effortless Entry into a Complex Crypto Economy

Demystify crypto and minimise counterparty risk with thematic market indexes. 
Access top-tier tokens managed via decentralised governance for a bespoke, diversified portfolio.



Connect your wallet and deposit tokens into an Index Vault



Exchange deposits for index tokens, owning a share of the index



Embrace the tranquility of passive diversification safely on the blockchain

Diversify risk with our thematic Index Vaults


Passive Diversification:

Broaden your portfolio with thematic market exposure and cross-ecosystem diversification



Non-custodial, fully-collateralised Index Vaults for secure, risk-minimised portfolio management


100% On-chain:

Transparent, decentralised on-chain governance for trustworthy, passive participation


Phase 1

  • 4th Sept.

    Testnet is Live!
  • 5th Sept.

    Set up the Tech Committee
    Connect to Osmosis
    Asset whitelisting
  • 6th Sept.

    First Index Vault to launch on Testnet

Phase 2


Deployment of the dApp

Phase 3


Mainnet Launch

Frequently Asked Questions

EntryPoint is a sovereign, governance-driven Cosmos SDK blockchain dedicated towards providing trust-minimised portfolio management and single-point access to tokenised markets, offering broadly diversified indexes to alleviate users of technical barriers and time-consuming due diligence. EntryPoint indexes are stored in non-custodial vaults, managed by on-chain governance, and represented by fully-collateralised and composable index tokens.

An index vault is a curated basket of cryptocurrencies and tokenised assets, providing EntryPoint users with diversified and cost-effective market exposure. Each vault contains a unique set of tokens based on a specific strategy and subject to a rigorous eligibility process. Utilising blockchain technology, index vaults offer a secure, transparent experience with non-custodial, fully-collateralised participation and minimised counterparty risk.

An index token is a representation of one’s share in an underlying index, which users receive when they deposit into an index vault. The quantity received depends on deposit size and real-time market data, as index tokens remain fully collateralised by the assets held in the vault. This allows users to further utilise their vault positions in other DeFi protocols while still benefiting from a broad and diversified token portfolio.

EntryPoint is governed by the EntryDAO, a decentralised autonomous organisation, using a one-token-one-vote system that allows holders of the $ENTRY token to make proposals and vote on the direction of the EntryPoint blockchain. EntryDAO operates a democratic system of semi-autonomous working groups to manage day-to-day activity, where the community serves as a board of directors with oversight on development and supervisory power over governance groups.

The EntryPoint governance token, known as $ENTRY, signifies membership to the EntryPoint community. As a holder of $ENTRY tokens, you are granted the privilege of participating in the decision-making process concerning EntryPoint’s management and operations, and are encouraged to actively engage with various proposals and vote on the platform’s future direction.

Non-custodial index vaults allow users to remain in control of their assets through fully-collateralised index tokens, redeemable around the clock and without third-party involvement. By transparently storing tokens on a cryptographically secured blockchain managed by decentralised governance, users can rest easy knowing that no centralised custodian can access their assets. 

EntryPoint has a variable streaming fee on all of its index vaults, calculated on the TVL. Every vault has a different streaming fee based on the level of complexity, due diligence and maintenance needed for that specific vault. In the future, if the governance decides so, there could be the option to add personalised fees for every Vault, such as: exit fee, management fee, performance fee, redemption fee and others. 

Only governance can create new index vaults. However, every user is able to propose the creation of a vault. Before creating a new vault, every proposed composition token requires both auditing and whitelisting as approved by governance, to ensure proper due diligence and quality as outlined by a rigorous eligibility process.

Index Vaults; simplified, diversified, risk minimised